Bariatric surgery clearance

Bariatric Pre-Surgery Psychological Evaluation

Reasons for the Bariatric Psych Evaluation

Many insurance companies realize having an evaluation is very important and even require a psychological evaluation before they will approve the bariatric surgery. The most important reason for having a bariatric surgery psychological clearance is that your entire team of healthcare professionals from the surgeon to your primary care provider, nurses and dietitians want you to maximize your success and therefore the evaluation helps to provide the information to you and to your help so that you can maximize your success.

The psychological evaluation can help identify your strengths as well as help find areas where you might need support after surgery. It can also help to educate you about your surgery, what to expect and warning sign to look for post surgery.

A bariatric surgery psychological evaluation is done prior to any weight-loss surgery. A candidate's history of psychological illness does not mean that you wont be able to have surgery. Even those whom have disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or anxiety disorders may be allowed bariatric surgery provided the illness is reasonably controlled and the patient is counseled by a mental health professional before and after bariatric surgery.

Two-thirds of the patients whom want weight-loss surgery have a psychological disorder. Depression and anxiety are the most common among people who seek weight loss surgery. The suicide rate is relatively low among bariatric patients but there is a trend to be slightly higher than those whom don't have surgery.

What to Expect with a Bariatric Surgery Psychological Evaluation

The psychological evaluation will be administered by a qualified and licensed Clinical Psychologist.
Testing instruments may include an alcohol and drug screen to determine if the person seeking bariatric surgery has any hazardous drinking or drug habits. A clinical interview and possible other assessments will be used to determine the patients level of preparedness for the surgery. The Clinical Psychologist will likely give you some education to optimize your preparedness and will offer follow-up consultations as determined by the evaluation.

Bariatric Surgery Psychological Evaluation Criteria for Exclusion

An active psychosis defined by evidence that the psychosis is current. Hospitalization for the psychosis within the last year may exclude the prospective patient from receiving bariatric surgery, as well.
The prospective bariatric patient may also be denied weight-loss surgery if there have been multiple suicide attempts in the last five years. Evidence of an alcohol use disorder in the last five months or evidence of a substance use disorder in the last five months may rule out approving weight-loss surgery.

What to Do if You're Disqualified

If you are seeking weight-loss surgery and any of the above pertain to you, do not lose hope. In most instances, the solution is to correct the problem. Corrections can be made with the assistance of mental health professionals and a support network.

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