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Nursing Home Consultations

Psychologists can be consulted for nursing home residents should they, their family members, or their medical team feel it may be beneficial. Using Psychology services which are often funded through insurance can help with the following issues:

*Depression and Anxiety
*Increase Compliance with Care
*Reduce Irritability and Argumentativeness
*Increase socialization with peers
*Increase attendance in facility activities
*Better understanding of treatment and diagnosis
*End of Life issues
*Overall better quality of life
*Increase feelings of control

When to consider a referral for a Psychologist:
*Upon admission to a facility
*Decrease in mobility
*Decrease in independence
*Loss of a loved one or roommate
*Decreased family and friend visits
*Transfer to another unit or facility
*Argumentative or Aggressive behaviors
*Social Withdrawal

If you would like to place an order for one of our Professional Mental health team members to regularly see your loved one or a patient of yours, please ask the primary doctor to initiate a consultation. We will then go to the facility to see the patient, do a full intake with them, write brief notes in their chart, and bill their insurance. We will then continue to see them as needed to help them with whatever will benefit them. Additionally we will often communicate with family members and their medical team to ensure they receive the best treatment possible.



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