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Hospital Consultations

hospital psychologistsSoMi Psychology is affiliated with South Miami Hospital. We are within walking distance of the hospital (next the ER) and have privileges to see any patient within the hospital including the Emergency Department, Labor & Delivery, and any other departments. Our Clinical Psychologist has specialty training in medical issues and has trained in various hospital settings.

Your hospitalist or primary care physician can place an order for us to see you during your stay - planned or unplanned hospital stay. You can also voice your desire for this consult with your doctor as not all doctors are always thinking about mental health. We will come to your room and talk to you about any issues you feel Is important for almost everyday of your stay. You can be a new patient or an existing patient of our practice. After discharge, you are welcome to follow-up with us in our office. You can call us to make an appointment or schedule through our online portal.

Various reasons you may want to speak with us during your hospital stay: 

    • Your medical condition is exacerbating psychological issues.
    • You suffer from anxiety and/or depression or another mental health issue and need support during your stay.
    • Your loved ones may be worried about your capacity to make medical decisions for yourself during your stay.
    • Your physical issues cannot be determined by a medical reason.
    • Your hospital stay is creating distress, anxiety, or depression.
    • You have previously or currently have thoughts of self harm.
    • You or your loved ones are having to deal with a new diagnosis, long-term illness, discharge planning or end-of-life issues.
    • You are having a difficult time voicing your concerns and/or communicating with your medical team.

Effectiveness of Consultation Services:

Consulting Psychologists in a hospital setting has shown improved coping mechanisms, treatment adherence, school/work re-integration as well as overall quality of life. Several studies have shown a reduction in beds per day, reduced lengths of stay in the hospital and prevention of re-admission. The use of a consulting psychologist within the hospital has been shown to reduce costs tremendously over time for the patient and the facility.



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